150 Things To Love About yourself

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What is Self Love?

You know, for the longest time I really struggled with it myself. I was way too hard on myself whenever I made mistakes or felt like I wasn’t achieving enough. It caused me a lot of stress and unhappiness.

But then I started learning about what self-love really means – accepting yourself fully for who you are. It’s like meeting your best friend for the first time every day! When you slip up, a good friend would be kind and supportive, wanting to see you keep trying. That’s what I try to do for myself now.

It also means taking good care of yourself physically and emotionally. Making sure I get enough sleep, eat well, take breaks when I need them. And listening to what truly makes me feel good – whether that’s creative hobbies, time in nature, whatever helps recharge my batteries.

Prioritizing your own well-being is so important, because how can you show up for others from an empty place? Self-love helps me feel confident and at peace so I have more to give. I hope you’ll consider trying some small acts of self-care and compassion too. You really do deserve it!

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

How to Remind these 150 things to love about yourself?

One of the hardest parts about loving yourself is remembering all the reasons why when doubts start to creep in. Here are some ideas for how to remind yourself of the 150 things to love about yourself on an ongoing basis:

Make a list: Either keep the full list from the blog post handy as a reference, or distill it down to the 10-15 things most meaningful to you. Refer to it daily.
Journal your reflections: Pick a few items from the list each week to write about – why they’re strengths, stories that illustrate them. This helps them sink in.

Share with others: Tell your partner, friend or family member one thing you appreciate about yourself each day. Teaching others boosts our own learning.

Post reminders: Print your list and put it on the fridge, bathroom mirror or workspace to encounter daily. Digital notes or calendar prompts also work.

Celebrate progress: Give yourself credit for accomplishments, big or small, which demonstrate qualities on your list. This reinforces positive habits.

Notice everyday acts of self-love: Everything from daily skin care to relaxing activities to creative pursuits show you honor the special person you are.

Be patient: Loving ourselves is a journey, not a switch flipped overnight. Commit to this as a lifelong practice of daily growth and gratitude.

The keys are making it a consistent habit and focusing on small wins to develop a language of self-compassion.

“Loving yourself is a lifelong journey, not a destination. Keep your list of virtues close at hand and refer to it each day. Celebrate small acts of self-care, share your light with others, and be patient as positive habits take root. Focus on consistent acts of compassion, however small, to nurture the language of self-acceptance from within. In this way, you’ll reinforce your radiance and keep the flame of self-love burning bright each day.”

How Much Do You Really Love Yourself?

It’s easy to focus on our flaws and imperfections, but learning to appreciate our best qualities is so important for our confidence and happiness. So I want to share 150 things to love about yourself – your qualities, talents, character traits, and small acts of kindness both to others and yourself. How many of these speak to you personally? Let’s get started!

  1. Your sense of humor
  2. Your creativity
  3. Your compassion for others
  4. The smile that lights up your face
  5. Your ability to laugh at yourself
  6. Sticking with your commitments
  7. Your respect for other people’s boundaries
  8. When you go out of your way to help a friend in need
  9. Your curiosity about the world
  10. Your work ethic
  11. The little things that make you quirky and unique
  12. Your perseverance in difficult times
  13. Your kindness to strangers
  14. The hugs you give so freely
  15. How you always try to see the good in others
  16. The silliness that comes out when you’re relaxed
  17. Your passion for your favorite hobbies and activities
  18. Taking time each day to appreciate the small things
  19. The joy you get from making others smile
  20. Your support of causes you believe in
  21. Standing up for what you think is right
  22. Your way with words and storytelling abilities
  23. Your openness to new experiences
  24. How you encourage others to achieve their dreams
  25. Lending a listening ear to friends in need
  26. Sharing what you have with the less fortunate
  27. Cooking meals for your loved ones
  28. Greeting others with a warm hello every day
  29. Forgiving others for mistakes they have made
  30. Your bravery in trying new challenges
  31. Dancing like nobody’s watching
  32. The care you put into your relationships
  33. Apologizing when you’ve made a mistake
  34. Believing the best in people until proven otherwise
  35. Your appreciation for simple pleasures
  36. Accepting people as they are
  37. Giving compliments that lift others up
  38. Letting bygones be bygones
  39. Your positive mindset
  40. Loving sunsets and quiet moments in nature
  41. Being playful and whimsical at heart
  42. How hard you try to improve yourself each day
  43. Sending cards/texts to brighten someone’s day
  44. Laughing with friends and family
  45. Finding the bright side of challenging situations
  46. Your compassion towards animals
  47. Helping others achieve important milestones
  48. Lending an ear without judgment
  49. Figuring out solutions to problems
  50. Accepting that life doesn’t always go as planned
  51. Reading for fun and personal growth
  52. Admitting when you’ve made a mistake
  53. Recognizing that everyone struggles sometimes
  54. Making time for self-care daily
  55. Cheering for underdogs and rooting for potential
  56. Using your words to uplift rather than tear down
  57. Planting seeds of positivity where you can
  58. Sharing what you’ve learned from experiences
  59. Trusting in your ability to handle uncertainty
  60. Finding small ways each day to treat yourself
  61. Being dependably there for friends in need
  62. Cultivating empathy for others different than you
  63. Caring genuinely about important issues
  64. Making happy memories for those around you
  65. Practicing daily gratitude and acts of kindness
  66. Holding high personal values and morals
  67. Taking deep breaths when you need to destress
  68. Learning from failures and setbacks
  69. Trusting your instincts
  70. Walking with an air of confidence
  71. Listening without judgment and really hearing people
  72. Your adaptability and flexibility
  73. Pursuing knowledge and new skills for fun
  74. Making others feel valued in conversation
  75. Rooting for people quietly from the sidelines
  76. Bringing lightness and laughter to situations
  77. Inspiring others through hard work and dedication
  78. Being true to who you are despite trends or pressure
  79. Using your voice and vote to create positive change
  80. Trying new recipes and enjoying food
  81. Connecting with nature and finding peace outdoors
  82. Pursuing outlets that bring you joy and fulfillment
  83. Sharing your skills and talents to help others
  84. Finding interest in hobbies outside work/school
  85. Not sweating the small stuff and rolling with life’s punches
  86. Wishing the best for even difficult people
  87. Prioritizing happiness and meaningful relationships
  88. Pursuing knowledge and growth throughout life
  89. Helping uplift others with your unique perspective
  90. Knowing that challenges will pass in time
  91. Standing up for yourself respectfully when needed
  92. Being willing to try different perspectives
  93. Finding ways each day to spread warmth and hope
  94. Lovingly caring for your mind and body as a whole
  95. Displaying courage in uncertainty by keeping faith
  96. Taking time daily to appreciate your blessings
  97. Using your voice responsibly on important issues
  98. Keeping the doors open for healthy growth
  99. Extending grace and support where you can
  100. Your ability to spread goodwill through random kindnesses
  101. Pursuing wholesome interests and hobbies
  102. Taking pride in talents you’ve developed over time
  103. Finding the light in people through empathy
  104. Nurturing important relationships in your life
  105. Uplifting others with words of encouragement daily
  106. Making small talk to brighten a stranger’s day
  107. Learning to forgive yourself for past mistakes
  108. Embracing life as it comes with perseverance
  109. Having fun, even when times are hard
  110. Your charm and passion that attract good people
  111. Making comfortable, safe spaces where people belong
  112. Believing in continuous self-improvement
  113. Sharing help and wisdom freely from experience
  114. Keeping ties to your roots and culture
  115. Braving challenges with humor and optimism
  116. Learning a little something new each day
  117. Holding dear memories that warm your soul
  118. Choosing your inner circle carefully for connection
  119. Finding peace in solitude, even if briefly
  120. Taking pride in growing into your best self daily
  121. Uplifting others higher than putting them down
  122. Comforting friends gently and supporting them fully
  123. Cherishing happy memories and meaningful moments
  124. Sharing creativity through arts, crafts, or other talents
  125. Respecting diversity and championing inclusion
  126. Honoring your values while embracing differences
  127. Caring deeply about loved ones unconditionally
  128. Taking care of responsibilities responsibly and dutifully
  129. Giving others the benefit of the doubt respectfully
  130. Gaining wisdom from challenges you’ve conquered
  131. Treating your mind and body with loving care
  132. Lighting up any room with your positivity and charm
  133. Celebrating others’ success with sincerity
  134. Having compassion for people you’ll never meet
  135. Learning from mistakes gracefully and without shame
  136. Being true to yourself authentically despite image issues
  137. Accepting that life brings both pain and joy
  138. Maintaining healthy habits for balance and well-being
  139. Having tact when discretion is needed
  140. Bringing calmness and peace to tense situations
  141. Letting go of regrets and moving forward
  142. Making time for acts of service to uplift others
  143. Finding wonder in simple pleasures and beauty
  144. Upholding your integrity regardless of temptation
  145. Overcoming hardships with resilience and patience
  146. Teaching others through your vulnerability and honesty
  147. Forgiving yourself fully without resentment
  148. Maintaining optimism through challenges in life
  149. Your invaluable contribution and impact
  150. Your beautiful, loving soul

In the end, I hope reflecting on just a few of these things helps boost your self-esteem in a small way.

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