How Much You Love Yourself? Lets quick Quiz!

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Written By Muhammad Saad

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About This Quiz

let’s get real for a minute. How much do you actually love yourself – you know, the person staring back at you in the mirror each day? I created this quick 15 question quiz to help you gain some insight.

We all know it’s important to love ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard to really get a feel for how much self-love is going on underneath the surface. That’s where this comes in! Over the next few minutes, I’ll ask you some simple questions about your self-confidence, self-care habits, and ability to appreciate who you are – warts and all.

There’s no right or wrong answers, so don’t overthink it. Just go with your gut feeling for each one. At the end, you’ll get a score that corresponds to a level of self-love. Use the results to celebrate what you’re already doing right and maybe identify one small area you could strengthen.

Self-Love Quiz Scores

75-100% – You are your biggest fan!

Damn straight you love yourself! This high percentage shows that you feel confident, prioritize self-care, and really appreciate all your awesome qualities. Keep shining bright, you phenomenal human!

50-74% – You’ve got great self-love

You clearly enjoy yourself and make your happiness a top priority. While there’s always room for more, this score proves that you love who you are. Nice work, friend – keep nurturing your heart with the same care you show others.

25-49% – Room for more self-appreciation

You’ve got a good foundation to build from. But you may not fully embrace your awesomeness just yet or sometimes forget your needs. Have no fear – you have all the power to love yourself completely. I hope you’ll make that growth a focus.

0-24% – Time to fall for yourself!

Oh no! but don’t worry i have a recipe to start your self love from 0-100. Check Out! You deserve it, honey!

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