What Is The Term For The Need To Establish A Personal Self-Identity And Communicate It To Others?

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Written By Muhammad Saad

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You know, for the longest time I struggled with figuring out just who I was. Don’t get me wrong, I had an idea of my interests and what I liked to do, but there was always this niggling feeling deep down that I wasn’t quite expressing the real me. It was like I was putting on different masks depending on the situation without really showing people what was underneath.

Then one day it hit me – this intense need I felt to define myself and have others see my true colors was all about asserting my own identity. I wanted the world to see me for who I am on the inside, not just make assumptions based on surface level things. And that’s when I learned there’s actually a term that describes this very human desire to determine your personal identity and broadcast it to the people in your life.

It’s called identity assertion. Doesn’t that just roll off the tongue? Identity assertion is the process where we figure out our core values, beliefs, and qualities that make us unique. It’s when we take stock of what really matters to us on a deep level and gives our lives meaning. And it’s not just about knowing ourselves – it’s also about putting that identity out into the world so others can recognize our authentic selves too.

Now identity assertion isn’t always about making some grand declaration or big show. Sometimes it’s the little everyday actions we take that communicate who we are without saying a word.

Like the way I dress, the hobbies I’m passionate about, the conversations I engage in – all of these subtle cues help establish my identity to the people I interact with regularly. But there are also times where more direct assertion is needed in order to feel truly seen.

I think one of the main reasons identity assertion is so important is that it fulfills our basic human need for recognition. We all want to feel valued and like we belong. By putting our genuine identities out there, it allows others the opportunity to appreciate us for who we really are – not just some surface level impression. It opens the door for deeper relationships and acceptance based on our authentic selves rather than masks.

Of course, asserting identity is a learning process that takes time and courage. It means being vulnerable, taking risks to show our true colors, and allowing ourselves to be known – flaws and all. Rejection is always a possibility when we put ourselves out there. But I think the freedom and self-assurance that comes from identity assertion is so worthwhile. Rather than wondering “who am I” we can answer with confidence “this is who I am.”

So in summary – if you ever feel that drive to define yourself and have others understand the real you, take heart. You’re simply experiencing the very human process of identity assertion. Own who you are with pride, and allow your authentic identity to shine through for all to see. I think you’ll find great reward in living as your genuine self.

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